How can Exchange be configured to sync/push one-way so that the server data can't be affected


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Office 365 Exchange
I would like to push my Exchange contacts to my Android phone without syncing back to the Exchange server from the phone.

I am OK with never making changes to the Contacts on my phone. I would just like my phone contacts to always be the current version from the Exchange server.

Two-way syncs between Exchange and Android devices are not an option. When Android phones sync contacts with Microsoft Exchange, the formatting of the Contact's Notes field (body) gets reformatted. This creates a huge mess in my contacts. A further explanation of this problem can be found here: How Prevent Re-Formatting of Contact Notes Field When Syncing. If there has been a solution to that years old problem, please let me know.

I figure that viable workaround would be set Exchange server to allow only one-way pushes to my mobile devices. Is there somewhere to specify such a setting?

I understand that CompanionLink has a one-way sync option, but I don't want to pay for that service since I already pay for my Office 365 Exchange server.