.restrict results changing after moving to Exchange online


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After running our own Exchange server 2010 we have migrated to Exchange online. I have quite a lot of VBA code which I sill need:)

Somehow when I use the .restrict method on date fileds in contact form i don't get the same results than when running against our Exchange server 2010. I do the testing with the same Outlook 2016 (32bit) client. The code in question could be this:

    Dim objNameSpace As NameSpace
    Dim objContactFolder
    Dim objContacts
    Dim objContact As Outlook.ContactItem
    Dim strMedlemNr
    Dim counter
    Dim date_to_search As Date

    Set objNameSpace = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
    Set objContactFolder = GetPublicFolder(SpellFavorites & "\SPF\Spillere")
    Set objContacts = objContactFolder.Items
    date_to_search = #3/19/2005# '5. March 2019
    s_date = "[Birthday] = '" & date_to_search & "'"
    Set objContactRestricted = objContacts.Restrict(s_date)

    MsgBox objContactRestricted.Count
When running against Exchange 2010 I get 1 hit and when running against Exchange online I doesn't get hits at all. Folder content on the 2 servers are identical.

Looking into the folder with MFCMAPI I can look this item up:

    <property tag = "0x3A420040" type = "PT_SYSTIME">
        <ExactNames>PR_BIRTHDAY, PidTagBirthday</ExactNames>
        <Value>11:59:00 19-03-05</Value>
        <AltValue>Low: 0x0962DA00 High: 0x01C52C7B</AltValue>
Should prove me one hit:)

I don't have any problems with using restrict on text values.

Anybody who knows why .restrict is performing otherwise on Exchange online compared to Exchange 2010?

- Allan