Restrict accepted appts to specific calendar

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Len Raphael

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My profile in local Office 365 includes several mailboxes. So I also have several calendars. But I only want to use one calendar. Problem occurrs when I get an appt invite to one of mailboxes for which I don't want to use its calendar. But if i accept the invite, the appt goes only to that unused calendar. Then I have to remember to copy it to my preferred calendar in such a way that it doesn't trigger a message to the invitor or invitee.

Any thoughts on how to force all accepted and sent appts to go to one specified calendar ?
They are all office 365 accounts? As long as a calendar exists in the mailbox or data file, outlook will use it for meetings - you cant avoid it with exchange mailboxes. I was using a macro to copy events created on the other calendars to my default calendar but recently setup a Flow to create a copy on my default calendar. This would work for you if they are all office 365 and have flow. (I think all office 365 accounts have flow.)
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