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Hi Everybody.

I'm trying to write a macro to delete all of the emails that come up from a search result and I'm having problem with it. I'm wondering if one of you can give me some assistance.

Here is what I'm doing. I select an email and run the macro which extracts the email address from the selected email, then perform a search for all emails from the same sender within the folder. What I can't figure out is how to programatically select all of those emails and delete them. Here is what I have so far.

Sub FindAllEmailsFromSender()
Dim objMail As Outlook.MailItem
Set objMail = Outlook.Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection.item(1)
Dim strSenderEmailAddr As String
strSenderEmailAddr = objMail.SenderEmailAddress

Dim myOlApp As New Outlook.Application
Set myOlApp.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder = Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder

txtSearch = "from:" & strSenderEmailAddr
myOlApp.ActiveExplorer.Search txtSearch, olSearchScopeCurrentFolder

Set myOlApp = Nothing​
End Sub
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