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Hi All,

I am using the code from the post VBA Help Email that will save as draft and send as attachment

Below is my code. The problem is it works fine but i am not able to delete the email which gets saved in the draft? and i am planning to deploy this code to each of the users PC so how i can remove the hardcoded line of , instead it should read the value from somewhere dynamically. Any direction would certainly help.

Public Sub Initialize_Handler()

Set Item = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem

End Sub

Private Sub Item_Close(Cancel As Boolean)
 answer = MsgBox("Do you want to send this for approval?", vbYesNo)

If answer = vbYes Then
    Cancel = False
    Set fw = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
      fw.To = ""
      fw.Subject = "Needs Approval"
      fw.Attachments.Add Item
    Item.Delete ' Gives Error here
ElseIf answer = vbNo Then
    Cancel = False
End If
End Sub


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Move to draft , you can delete it from draft folder.

Diane Poremsky

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instead it should read the value from somewhere dynamically
Where should it get the address from?

Item.Delete ' Gives Error here
You're using IMAP? That is probably the 'imap bug'. The active item can't be deleted. (I need to test it and see if we can do it another way, which i mean to do in July and forgot. :( )
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