Reboot of frozen windows7 results in changed outlook 2007 settings

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Outlook version
Outlook 2007
Email Account
Computer refused to come back to life after sleeping. Forced reboot twice to get back to normal(?). There was error message (do not remember exact warning) starting up Outlook. Now font settings have changed in most of parts. Emails do not load all info (graphics) when reading in either mode, normal or expanded (not sure of correct description). There maybe other changes which I have not yet seen.
Question is how do I restore to previous settings? Is this possible? At least how do I restore to defaults. I did not make that many changes to the program and have been using it for many years.



Outlook version
Outlook 2007
Email Account
Well, my mistake. Just noticed that the top of the application (toolbar space?) said "safe mode". Closed program, re-opened it and seems to be OK, except for the fonts in email and maybe elsewhere.
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