Ol16 desktopT suddenly can't connect with Exchange

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Outlook 2016 64 bit
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OL16, desktop version. win10 2019.
Turned on desktop computer today, opened Outlook. greeted with a request about connecting to internet. Never saw that before. Then I am getting requests for microsoft password, which eventually I figured out was for outlook.com and its syncing calendar. Desktop was working ok last night.

My phone calendar, and laptop Outlook are working fine. Calendars sync.

After web search, I tried deleting all certificates relating to Office. Didn't help.

I have tried deleting the outlook.com account in Outlook. Now I can't create a new one. At best it will create an 'active exchange' account, using the password, which won't sync calendar. But I can not create an Exchange account. Keeps asking for password. I have copy of password in spreadsheet, and in pw manager. So I am pretty sure I am using the correct one. I don't want to use the 'forgot my password', since I don't think that this is the problem, and I am afraid that my laptop and phone will then be locked out of Exchange.

I have tried restoring an image from 2 weeks ago. It had the same problem, asking to connect with internet , then repeatedly asking for password. I have put it back to image from today. This computer was ok last night.

Any ideas about what is happening here?
I notice that if i enter a knowingly wrong password, it immediately tells me that it is wrong.
If i enter what i believe is the correct password, it keeps recycling asking for password. i've tried entering 5 times, it keeps recycling.
and, I have tried deleting the control panel>mail>profiles>'outlook profile'. Opening outlook, it asked to create a profile and a email account. as before , it couldn't login to the outlook.com site. around and around about asking for password.

I have restored the image that I wisely created before deleting the profile, since I didn't want to have to reinstall all email accounts on the long shot that this would fix it.
I manually synced the desktop pst to laptop . I have done this for years without a problem. today, as soon as i opened Outlook is asked for login to outlook.com. So, now the problem exists on 2 computers.

Went to an desktop image, from 4/17/20, moved the outlook.pst to both desktop and laptop. Makes no difference. still wants, but won't accept password.
I have no idea what is going on here, or, obviously, how to fix it.
I just logged into my outlook.com online, through browser. I know the pw is correct.
since thur I have also tried: make a new profile, turning on 2 step verification and generating an app password (gets immediate 'wrong password'response), MS remote connectivity analyzer (tells me "autodiscovery failed"), Support and Recoveryi Asst> "solution isn't supported for yoru office environment". Created an alias. can send email to the alias, but it also won't establish an Exchange account. I can set up AES accounts all day, but not Exchange.

Again, this problem exists on 2 win10 computers. But so far not on my iphone, which connects to exchange calendar.
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