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I use Outlook 2016 for my e-mail (I have 2 outlook addresses and 2 yahoo addresses). I also use POP3 (I know, I should be using IMAP, but that conversation is for another day).

When I'm travelling I simply copy my .pst files from my home PC to my notebook and off I go. When I return, I copy back to my home PC.

My notebook recently crashed and I have had to restart. Is there a way that I can "copy" my Outlook 2016 setup for my accounts and data files from one computer to another? See attachment.


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You can export the registry, but because the computer names aren't the same, it tends to error on the data files. (All of the path names are in binary, so you can't search and replace in the exported registry key either. ).

You *can* export it, then before opening the profile on the new machine, go to Control panel, mail and remove the data file(s) and add them back from the correct location then make sure the accounts are pointed to them. Also, if the pst is stored in the same spot on both computers, such as C:\OutlookPSTs, you'll have less problems.
oh, in case you don't know where the profile is in the registry - in 2016, its at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Profiles
Hi, I decided to set up manually rather than via the Registry, BUT I've run into problems. When it came to the section where I needed to point the newly created e-mail account to the (existing) .pst file, the "browse" button would not work. I was able to proceed by manually inserting location of the file. I also have a "Personal Folders" .pst file, but I could not add this data file. I got an error 0x80004001
The error is a bug - you need to add additional data files after the account is added.

If the pst file name is the same as the email address and is in the outlook files folder under documents, it will pick it up automatically.
I'm not sure I understand Diane. I use anm additional .pst called "Personal Folders".

It us used to store e-mails that I wish to keep for records (I don't like leaving in mu Inbox, so either delete or move to my Personal Folders".

I have set up my e-mail accounts in Outlook (4 of them) and everything works fine. It will NOT, however, allow me to add a new data file for "Personal Folders" (which I would do by pointing to an already existing .pst file. I simply get this error.

Not being able to browse to search for my files is also a concern.
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