Location and simple copying of emails and settings, OL 2010 and Win 7 64bit.

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I am trying to find the location of my emails, there seems to be two locations.

1. C:\users\MyPC\appdata\local\microsoft\outlook\

This leads to individual files, one of which is listed as Outlook with a file ext shown as 'Outlook Data File' (No ref to .pst) with a size of 454.849kb. I think this file is my email folder of sometime ago which I have in my view pane in case I need to access old emails.

2. C:\users\MyPC\\My Documents\outlook files\

This leads to 3 files, these are my 3 'email addresses', with one shown as Outlook Data File (No ref to .pst) with a file size of 92,273kb which I think is my new email folder after installation of Win 7 and OL 2010 at the beginning of the year.

If my assumptions above are correct, then what I want to do is copy my email folders to a separate drive without compression on a daily basis thereby keeping an exact copy in case of loss of the original data. I would also like to keep a copy of my Outlook 'settings' where ever they are!

Doing the above on a day after day, file by file basis is a real pain in the rear, I was told of a freeware program that could do this automatically but cannot find the paper I wrote the name down on:(

My other option would be to put both OL Data Files in the same folder and copy that (It would cut down the work to one folder) Would this mess up Outlook 2010:confused:

Thanks for any assistance.

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Re: Location and simple copying of emails and settings, OL 2010 and Win 7 64bi

Location 1 is the location Outlook 2007 and older used by default. Outlook 2010 uses it for IMAP, Hotmail connector, Exchange cached mode.

Location 2 is the new location for POP3 and local psts. This is so its easier to back up the pst files that should be backed up. (The pst files in location 1 are for server-based accounts)

I'd use a batch file, my preference is that you use it when you start Outlook for the first time after a reboot. I'll see if I can find my old batch file. (I no longer use it as I use Exchange server now.) There is a PFBackup utility from Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displayid=9003 and http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2030523 for outlook 2010 instructions.

You can move the psts in location 2 to location 1 if you want. You can force all but a Hotmail connector file to use another folder, but its not recommended. If some of the pst files in location 1 are for POP accounts in your profile, you can move those pst files to location 2 and point outlook to it. To do this, close Outlook, move the pst file, go to control panel, mail and edit the profile so it uses the new pst location.

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Re: Location and simple copying of emails and settings, OL 2010 and Win 7 64bi

This is all I used in the batch file:

copy "C:\Users\me\Documents\Outlook Files\*.pst" "C:\Users\me\Documents\Outlook Files\backups"


start outlook.exe

I thought I had a date stamp in it, but probably hardcoded the pst names in the batch to do that.

I prefer backing up before starting because I don't have to worry about any pst files being open in outlook and the backup failing as a result.

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Re: Location and simple copying of emails and settings, OL 2010 and Win 7 64bi

BTW, the 'settings' are mostly in the registry or in the pst file. Accounts can't be backed up (well, they can, but they can be problematic if not used on the same computer installation.)

Some support files are in location 1, others are in C:\users\MyPC\appdata\roaming\microsoft\outlook\. Some can be reused, others can't. See backup and dual boot for more info. If you use macros, you'll want to backup the OTM file.
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