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My Outlook 2003 only shows holidays thru the end of this year. How can I import a new set of post 2012 holidays. While importing, I want to remove the location from the holidays. I am annoyed that "United States" is shown after every holiday on my month and week views. (Please include step-by-step instructions of the solution. A brief overview will not help me.) Thanks in advance for any help!
1. Get the HOL file from here - Outlook Tips | Outlook's Missing Holidays

2. Double click on it after you download it to bring up the Add to Calendar dialog.

Oh wait, you don't want the location - open the HOL file in notepad and remove the label from the US entry. Not sure if it will work if blank, but try it and if not, you'll need to add one character. Save it and double click...

Because you have old holidays, you can safely ignore the warning about duplicates.
Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the holiday file successfully. I opened and edited it with notepad but can only save as a TXT document, so thereforeI cannot import into outlook. I am able to search outlook to get a list of all holidays, but can't "edit all" to remove the location. (Why must holidays add a location in the first place???) I've been able to use Excel to make changes to past lists before importing, then import via CSV or Excel. Can I convert the holiday file into an excel file where I can remove the location manually?) Thanks again for your help!
You need to do one of two things: when you save it put quotes around the file name "Outlook.HOL" That tells notepad not to add an extension. Or, after you save it, go into Windows Explorer and change the extension from txt to HOL.
Thanks Larry & Diane. I followed your advice, but unfortunately, when I remove the words "United States" from the holiday list, when prompted which location I am choosing, "United States" does not come up as an option. So therefore, I am not able to add the holidays to my calander. I even tried using a period or hyphen in it's place, but no luck. Thanks, anyway, for your suggestions.
Try this then: leave United States in it and after importing, group by location and drag the items in the US location to the a blank location group.
Try this then: leave United States in it and after importing, group by location and drag the items in the US location to the a blank location group.

Thanks again for your reply. I'm not sure how to do what you are suggesting. I can view by location or category in order to group all the holidays together. I don't know what you mean by "drag to a blank location group." At the heart of my problem is that you can't edit a group of events at one time. If you can expand on your suggestion I would greatly appreciate your help! Thanks so much for your patience!
Actually... It worked!!! I tried one more time and I realized what you were telling me. Thanks so much!!!!
Dragging between groups is one of my favorite tricks - you can use it to change other fields too.
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