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My computer was recently (Monday night, today is Friday) upgraded from OL2007 to OL2010 by corporate. For all of my teammates who also received the same upgrade, Outlook started showing the pictures of senders and recipients in emails. On my computer, however, I just see the blank placeholders where the pictures should go.

I've been to file/options/contacts and verified that photos are enabled. I tried with caching on and off, and left Outlook on overnight for any address book updates, but I never see pictures.

Does anybody have any troubleshooting steps for this?
Did you go to Send / Receive > Download Address books? Do you have photos on any contacts? Add a picture to a contact who sends you mail regularly and see if the picture shows up on the mail.

Are you using the social connector?
Thank you.

I created a contact for my Yahoo! mailbox and put a picture on the contact. When I sent my work account mail from the Outlook account the mail was displayed with the picture.

I have noticed that I frequently have an error in Communicator, "Cannot synchronize with the corporate address book. This may be because the proxy server setting in your web browser does not allow access to the address book. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator." This error is not always there.

Cached mode is currently turned on. Also, send/receive operations seem to hang during the address book sync. "Download offline address book" is checked, and the address book settings are "Full Details" and "\Global Address List".

I have not explicitly configured a social connector, but there is an Outlook Social Connector enabled in COM plugins. "Download Address Book..." did not present any error messages.
One item of note is that I login to the workstation as domain\xlastname while my exchange account is domain\lastname_x.
It was determined that xlastname and lastname_x were in different OUs, and this was affecting some GPO updates. They moved xlastname into the same OU but it still doesn't work. When I log into the desktop as lastname_x, the Outlook pictures begin to display immediately.

I have reasons for using xlastname, but I will have to give serious thought to switching. I'm hoping somebody could explain why/how this would affect anything, and maybe that will lead to a workaround that will permit me to have profile pictures when logged onto the PC as xlastname.
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