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We have an Exchange 2003 server that seems to be displaying HTML email, especially those with images and the like, as having attachments. When you open the email up however, there is no attachment to look at, and the emails themselves display fine. Obviously though, the users are being frustrated as they cannot tell when something has a real attachment without opening the mail fully. The clients all use outlook 2007, and didnt have this problem until we migrated them onto an Exchange server from their old pop3 accounts. OWA is also displaying the phantom attachments.

Is this a server side setting I've overlooked ?

Hope someone can help me. I have tried to google and found a similar case but no solution
Does the attachment icon go away if they view it in the reading pane? Do you know if the attachment is an image or the HTML itself? It's mmon for embedded images to display as attachments until they are rendered in the message. I don't know of any way to avoid the attachment icon for these messages as the image is an attachment.
The attachment icon does not go away when I check the e-mail in the preview pane

The e-mail do have an image in the signature but this is also shown in the body of the mail

I thought it might have something to do with settings in Outlook 2007 but as I also have the same in OWA I think it is Exchange related
The image is an attachment - so the icon is correct, there is an attachment on the message. It's possible a virus scanner on the server is munging the message but there are other factors that can have an effect too.

Check the message source - is the image identified in src="cid:32cc425728bb05bdb9d8442d6eb82307" format? In my experience, these images won't show the icon once the message is rendered but may when the message is first received, especially if the image is fairly large.
OK thanks for the info.

what I don't understand is that when I bypass exchange and pick up mail via pop3 I don't have this attachment icon ?
You are popping the Exchange mailbox or a POP3 mailbox on another server?

Do you use antivirus scanner or similar security software on the server?
I was popping a pop3 mailbox on our webserver

Since we switched to Exchange the pop-connector is popping the mailbox and I am getting my mail from the exchange server

On the exchange server there is no (not yet) antivirus or security software
I'll have to check around - its been a while since i last used Exchange 2003. I don't think you can change the behavior because there is an attachment, just not the attachment you are expecting.
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