Marketing and Project Management field are not displaying

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We have the following issue with BCM: after selecting the Marketing or the Project Management Page there is nothing being displayed.

The output remains white and no error message is appearing.

Is this issue known?


After doing some research I found a workaround (not sure if it's a permanent solution):

- in Outlook go to Options -> Add-Ins -> BCM for Outlook -> Go to

- here in COM-Add-Ins menu: the BCM for Outlook and BCM Loader Program for Outlook were unselected

- select both boxes and restart Outlook

In the next couple of days we will see if the settings are saved.


Interesting. I'm surprised that anything BCM related was loaded with those unchecked. If they don't stay checked then something is causing Outlook is disable the addin. There is a way to tell outlook to always load them, but it's better to at least know why its disabling them before forcing them to load.
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