Outlook 13 not displaying POP inbound emails

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Pop acct is setup to leave a copy of messages on the server, and Gmail is sucking emails off the server to display them on the mobile device, but Outlook is not showing them. Account settings are correct...test emails are going to the mobile device. Outbound emails from Outlook are passing.

This is a new install.

Any help would be appreciated.

Semper Fi
bump........any ideas on why Outlook 13 might not be displaying inbound POP emails? Everything I find online when I search regards IMAP......
I've heard others say this is a problem with gmail - that outlook only downloads unread messages from gmail.

Hmm. Check gmail settings - #2 should not mark messages read or archive or delete the messages.
Ok, wait.....I'm confused. Outlook is setup for a roadrunner POP account. Gmail is setup to pull from that acct as well.

Gmail sees all pop emails from this account, while Outlook doesn't display them at all. Outlook should be displaying them first, I would think, yes? Outlook isn't getting them from the GMail server.......gmail is getting them from RR........

I can go thru those settings tho when I get home....
Ok, so Gmail is POPing RR - is it leaving RR mail on the server?
In Gmail settings, Account and Import page, click edit info to the right of the account name and you can check/change it.
yes I saw that.....but when I click edit...it doesn't return an option to leave messages on the server that I can see....it'll let me choose Send As....
Here it brings up the same dialog I had when i created the account -

ok, that's not the dialog I get....I'll play with it....
Ok, I found it. It was set to leave messages on the server. However, I do not see inbound messages on the server's webmail interface either. So inbound emails to this account are not being displayed on the server's GUI or in Outlook, but they are going to gmail.

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