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Outlook 2016 is receiving new messages, more or less - they are shown as a pop up bubble in the lower right for a few seconds when they arrive, and the bold number next to the word Inbox increments up with each new message. But the new messages are not shown in the Inbox, no way to read them.

I tried a Quick Repair from Control Panel, did not help.

Any ideas what to try?

I see that it does display some emails. If I sent from hotmail, it does display in the inbox. If I send from a godaddy account, it does not display, although a popup in the lower right shows it as received. If I click on the popup, I can see the email and open it. Once it is open, I tried clicking Move>Inbox, it seems like it does it, but I still can't see it in Inbox.
Thanks for the info.

I some of the missing emails are in the Trash folder, but not all. The number next to Inbox increments upward, indicating they are coming in to the Inbox. Searching inbox does not find them, even ones that I sent myself that I know are in there because they show up in the pop up in the lower right corner. I am reinstalling the account now.

By the way, it is IMAP and I decided to separate out the calendar like you've suggested into a .pst file. But in Outlook 2016 I can't seem to move the calendar entries like you've suggested in the past. I go into LIst View, and select them all, then click Move. But it opens an email with the calendar events as attachment. I just cancelled and exported/imported them to get it to get them in a new pst file.

Any ideas why this was happening?

I did reset the view as the first thing per your suggestion, it did not help. Thanks
But it opens an email with the calendar events as attachment. I just cancelled and exported/imported them to get it to get them in a new pst file
That happens if one or more of the items are meetings. If you move each meeting separately and the appointments as one, it will work.
After I reinstalled the account last week, the problem was gone, until it came back today, it was again not displaying some, but not all, newly received messages, even though they showed up in the popup bubble in the lower right.
I finally found the solution, I believe.

View>Change View>Hide Messages Marked for Deletion was selected, I changed it back to IMAP, and now the problem is gone.
Odd that it would have this effect, and also odd that resetting the view like you originally suggested did not fix it.

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Hide marked for deletion is the default view if i recall correctly.

Have you tried changing how outlook handles deleted imap items? Go to file, account settings, double click on the account then go to more settings, advanced. Try unchecking mark items for deletion but do not move (the behavior in old versions).
OK I will check that.

One question: when I first looked at Outlook yesterday, I noticed that in the lower left status bar it said "Filter Applied". But I could not find any filters when I looked, only that "Hide Marked for Deletion". and when I changed it to IMAP the filter message went away.
Does this seem odd to you?

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That is perfectly normal - Hide messages marked for deletion is a filtered view (the filter hides messages...) the plain IMAP view has no filter, so you see the messages marked for deletion.

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