Holidays in two languages

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
Office 365, Outlook Exchange, language pack installed (Dutch/English), File > Options > Calendar > Dutch selected.

Three questions:
1) is there a way to have only 1 holiday entry displayed, depending on the language selected, either Dutch or English? (probably not, but just asking)
2) is there a way to have holidays displayed in a different colour?
3) as for the language settings (see below) I am not sure whether they are correctly set, taking into consideration that I prefer the European settings,
i.e. Start > Control > Region > "Change date, time or number format" > "Additional Settings", with decimal symbol: comma, currency-tab: eur, time: hh:mm:ss
date: dd-MM-yyyy.


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1. No.... not using a native feature, but you can create a view to filter them. You'll need to change the view when you change the language.
2. Yes. Conditional formatting in View Settings. Or, assign a category to them - they will display in the category color.
3. I think #2 should be moved up (and 1 moved down) since you have English windows. But if you prefer that, you can change the regional formatting setting to your preference.
Reverting on 1+3
As for 2: View Settings > Conditional Formatting > Add, let's say Holidays, add a colour to it, then Condition, from here it gets vague.
I believe there is no such thing as to select some kind of 'general' category for public holidays. It seems one has to select each holiday and assign a colour to it?
When exported to a .csv file, the public holidays are indeed categorized as Holiday (or overhere as "Feestdag"), but I believe there is no such field available enabling to colour all public holidays in 1 go?
If you assign category, that color will always be used - you can't use conditional formatting, But you can remove the cateogry or dd another - the color of the last one is the one that is used in the calendar.
As always, many thanks indeed.
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