Extracting Location info from All Day Event in mailboxes into webpage

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
We have a requirement to identify where people are working as many of our staff move between offices.

We were thinking about each person setting an All Day event where the location has been set.


A script could then run daily to extract the information for the week on where each person in a division was located

i.e. uses a particular AD group to enumerate through to produce an HTML file such as:

User Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Adams, John London Luton Luton London Luton Home Home

Smith, Mike Paris Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Home


A second HTML file would be set up based on Location, so that the reception team were aware who would be in the office (for fire regulations etc)



Smith, Mike Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Adams, John Monday London


Adams, John Tuesday Wednesday Friday


Smith, Mike Monday

Anyone come across this in the past, or could give me some pointers? We are moving everyone onto Exchange/Office10.
Do you need an HTML document? Your plan should work, but you might be able to use Schedule View right in Outlook, especially if the # of people is short (like no more than 10-13). It won't help much with sort by location option though.
Thanks for the reply Larry. We need to track around 150 people as a minimum and needs to use Location, so for example the fire warden can check on a given test that everyone is out..
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