Copying additional contact fields when chosing "Contact from the same company"

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I'm using OL 2010. Though I'm very proficient with Outlook, I've run into a problem with custom forms. When choosing to create a new "Contact from same company" from the "Save and New" drop down button, a new contact screen pops up ready for me to fill in. The company name, phone and fax numbers, and web site address are already populated from the original contact at the same company. However, I have created some new fields that will also apply to any new contact created for that, or any other company within the database. Therefore, I want to not only populate the standard fields I listed, but also the additional fields that I have created for the company.

For instance, I created a field that indicates the "parent corporation" of the contact. That information will not change from contact to contact within the same company. For each contact, I have roughly six of these unchanging elements that I'd like to populate each time I choose to add a new contact by clicking "Contact from the same company".

I would greatly appreciate any information that can be sent my way. This is a great forum and I learned the ropes of Outlook here many years ago.

Re: Copying additional contact fields when chosing "Contact from the same comp

Thanks! I appreciate any help you can offer.
Re: Copying additional contact fields when chosing "Contact from the same comp

I wasn't able to find any code samples but according to my developer friend, you can do it with VBA, but if you plan to deploy it to many users, you should create a com addin.

He says:

A NewInspector() handler could be set up to check for new instances of a contact Inspector with that custom MessageClass. The handler could find the original item from the same company and read off the custom values from UserProperties and set the corresponding fields in the new item.

That wasn't quite how i envisioned it - I was thinking the VBA could read the custom fields in the selected contact and populate the new one with them.

Better / easier might be to use a toolbar button instead of the new contact for company button -that way you dont have to check for message class - the VBA knows you want to copy those fields to a new contact.

My other thought was vbscript in the custom form but vbscript doesn't support everything VBA does and may not be able to handle it, especially passing the values to the new contact.
Re: Copying additional contact fields when chosing "Contact from the same comp

Thanks for the info, Diane! I think you are way more advanced in understanding this than I am. For as proficient as I am with using Outlook (tweaking the interface, utilizing add-ins, etc) I've never delved into the realm of writing scripts and what not. Do you have any other suggestions or assistance that you can provide? It would be epic appreciated! This seems like such a reasonably simple task that you would assume it would be something one could adjust within Outlook settings.


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