Sharing Additional Calendars


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Outlook 2007
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Exchange Server
My work computer uses Outlook 2007 on an Exchange server. I run a division for a company that has several sales people and technical service people that cover the Western US. One of my challenges is staying on top of my Tech guys, making sure I know where they are and that our customers demands are met without overlapping them, or missing a necessary project because of an oversight. Our solution is to use an additional calendar in Outlook, where each of my service guys will create an event for the specific day or days he will be on a job. At a glance, my salespeople of I can then look at the calendar, and we can see where everyone is, and what commitments are made several weeks out. We do keep individual calendars, of course, but I want to use a specific "Tech Services" calendar just for this purpose. I have created the additional calendar, but I just haven't figured out how to share it and allow them to edit or add to it.

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