Sharing of BCM database across the internet

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We have two users in our company. One of the users works from home. Can we use Business Contact Manager and share the database across the two users. We are not on the same network. The only link between us is the internet. We would like to have a common view of our contacts and accounts.

Can we put the BCM database on a server and both the users can access the remote database via outlook. We are using Office 365 which has outlook 2013.

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no it wont work over the internet,. you would need to have the home user log into the work network using vpn to access bcm. Does the home worker have an exchange mailbox? xo you use sharepoint? its possible to share contacts over the internet using either method.

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Hi Admin,

Using either method is the data also stored locally!

For example, if you moved away from your internet connection, would you still see all the contact information. Which would refresh as soon as you connected to the internet?


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