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I have an Exchange server at my new Job, and obviously had a calendar that I shared with a few other employees. I put everything in categories (personal, work, etc.) to color code them. I found out this does not translate to my iPhone or iPad, and everything shows up the same color.

I created new calendars, all under the original one (so now it is Calendar -> Home, Work, etc.) and the color coding is great, and it syncs to my iphone or ipad perfectly. However when I share the original calendar, it shows up as blank. I don't want to have to share the 5 sub folders (if I did that with everybody, it would get extremely tedious) so is there a way to share a calendar group, or the main calendar including all of the subcalendars?

I do have "Folder Visible" checked under the permissions. Other that that I cannot figure out how to do this!

The default calendar is the only one that is available using the Share calendar and open shared calendar feature. If you want to share subfolders or other calendars, you neeed to give everyone permission to view the calendar and everyone needs to open your mailbox as a secondary mailbox. See view-shared-subfolders-in-a-exchange-mailbox for the steps.

My opinion: use the default calendar for work and subcalendars for personal / non-shared stuff - its easier for your coworkers to access your calendar and free/busy works.
Thank you for the quick reply!

I watched the video, and while very helpful, I don't think that's the best solution for me (I don't know if my managers would want me going into their account settings, etc.)

When you say to "use the default calendar for work and subcalendars for personal / non-shared stuff - its easier for your coworkers to access your calendar and free/busy works." --- do you mean still have multiple calendars, but only share the main one with them?

Unless I'm not understanding something, that would mean they would only see free/busy on my main "calendar" and not the "personal appointments", etc. So for example if I have a doctors appointment under the personal calendar, they wouldn't see that I'm busy and may try to schedule a meeting with me during that time.

Or is there another way around that?

Thanks again for your help! I'm very new to outlook, have used a Mac for the past 5 years with personal email accounts. this is the first job out of college where I have an Exchange account and use Outlook! Thanks again.
Ok so after playing with this the past couple of hours this is where I am:

None of the subfolders will show availability on the exchange server. Again, same example, if I have Dr's appt on my personal calendar, people will still send me meeting invites.

I guess the answer is to just go back to using the 1 basic calendar --- is there ANY way to get the categories to correspond to my iPhone? It's overwhelming to have so many events in the calendar and all be the same color. That is all I was trying to accomplish by creating the new calendars (which worked!) but then the sharing issue came up.
If you use multiple folders, you won't publish free/busy for the calendars; users who have access to the folders can check your calendars, but are they going to want to check multiple calendars when checking your availability? Using one calendar is really the best option, but some people like to keep some appointments private (and don't trust the Private option), so subfolders work for those - but if you want to show the time as out of office you need to create an appointment on the main calendar that is set to show busy. The second appt can say 'personal' so the event remains private.

As for tagging/colorizing/categorizing appointments on the devices, unfortunately, Apple doesn't support categories. You need to choose between availability & ease-of-use for coworkers or coding appointments. Sorry.

It's too bad Microsoft did not release the OWA app for non-Office 365 users - it's not bad and will show categories. But unless you use Office 365, you cant use it. I have not looked at other apps in the app store - there might be other apps that support categories.
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