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This seems such a simple question, but I can't find the answer...
If I buy an Office Home Premium subscription, and install Outlook on my PC and my wife's PC, can I set that up to keep the two Outlook databases (emails, contacts, calendar) synchronised? I'm currently using Office 2010 and Code 2 "PublicFolders" to achieve that, but Code 2 won't support Office 2013 unless I buy a new copy of Public Folders for an unacceptably high price.
No, Outlook doesn't have any built in sync features. It's dependent on the email account type.

Have you looked at their outlook sync utility? - it's more affordable and more along the lines of what you need.
Yes, I understand. I wondered if I could move all my Outlook data into Outlook in the Cloud and use two "offline" Outlook instances to front-end it, thus sharing all the data. I'm reluctant to go with Code 2 again after the way they handled Outlook 2013 "upgrade" pricing.
I understand the irritation with upgrade pricing - I'm not familiar with how codetwo's plan works, but I get annoyed with companies that only provide "point updates" (like from 10.1 to 10.2) if you pay for a support contract. They usually include 1 year of support with the purchase, then release minor updates every 13 months or so. I can understand fees for going from 10 to 11, but point upgrades and bug fixes should always be free.

You could upload calendar and contacts to and then multiple outlook's can connect to it. Mail can't be uploaded using EAS in Outlook 2013, you'd need to use IMAP or configure the account as a connected account in It's clunky because you need multiple accounts in outlook and you can't reply through the servers using your isp email address.
Thank you for that info. I think we should drop the Code 2 issue now?
Calendar & Contacts sounds OK. All our mail comes through Gmail. Currently we use POP on one PC to pick that up, and IMAP on our iPads. Presumably we could switch to IMAP on both Outlook PCs as well? As mail, calendar and contacts are all we need (everything else is on DropBox), that sounds like one complete solution.
Alternatively, how about using iCloud for cslendar and contacts? I understand that these can sync to Outlook, and would be ideal for the iPads.
You can try getting along without codetwo and see how it goes. I'd set up gmail as imap in outlook. Since you have ipads, using iCloud makes sense. Not everyone likes the iCloud, but give it a shot - i think its really nice.
OK, thank you. I'm going to try iCloud plus gMail IMAP and see how that goes. I'm quite nervous because I still remember the hell of duplicated and missing entries that followed some similar things I have tried in the past!. Lots of backups, and simple steps one at a time I think. I'll let you know how I get on.
Export calendar and contacts to a pst file. Makes it easier to recover if you do get duplicates.

IMAP *shouldn't* cause duplicates, but it's Gmail, which has a weird imap implementation. Make sure [Gmail]\All Mail folder is NOT subscribed. Don't use multiple labels on an item in Gmail. In fact, if you don't use Gmail labels (which become IMAP folders), email shouldn't get duplicated.
Some feedback: I tried iCloud for contacts and calendar. First attempt, merging Outlook data into the cloud was a shambles - lots of errored items and a lot more missing. Second try: synced everything to the iPads then merged from there to iCloud - 100% success. All data present, and no duplicates. Then connected to Outlook having de-selected all items for update, and that's now 100% as well. gMail next...
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