Sharing Outlook calendars gone wrong

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 64 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
Here is the tech background.
Outlook v16
SMB with several domains.

User 1 from shared their calendar with user 2 from
The email had the usual link, but it led to an Outlook website, not to the usual one where it adds the calendar.
These users all share their calendars with each out. They each have access to about a dozen calendars each.
In the email, there is included a secondary way to add the calendar.
"Use this link to add this calendar"

Instead of coming up as a shared calendar, user1's calendar came up as a primary calendar beside Calendar, Birthday and Holidays.
User 2 deleted the shared calendar, but all of the appointments stayed.

In calendar list view, the shared calendar show no Organizer, so deleting the entries would be easy.

User 1 & 2 are worried if the appointments are deleted by user 2, they will affect user 1. And if user 1 adds new appts, will they show up with users 2 going forward?

What is the best way to undo this merge?
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