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Hello everybody,

I used to use Google Calendar, Google Calendar Sync and Outlook 2007 to sync my calendar between my PC and my Android devices. When I got my new PC which runs Windows 8.1 and Office Home & Business 2013, I had to create a Microsoft account with all its bells and whistles.
Because the Microsoft account includes the online calendar on, I thought it was more straight forward to use that for syncing than taking the detour over the Google account. Google Calendar Sync is obsolete anyway. I searched the web for a tutorial and found the one on slipstick (

Connecting to my account in Outlook 2013 worked without problem and syncing the calendar seems to work too.
When I create a new appointment on the homepage, it also shows up in Outlook 2013 and in the Windows 8 calendar app. Creating a new appointment in Outlook 2013 also pushes it to the online calendar.

But copying my calendar items from my existing local calendar to the calendar didn't work as desired. I opened the list view of my existing calendar, pressed Ctrl + A to select all items and then dragged the selected items to the calendar folder whilst pressing Ctrl to copy the items instead of moving them.

Now the items show up locally in the calendar, but they are not visible online. Also, the reminders have not been copied to the calendar folder. All copied items have no reminder, though the original items all have one.
As soon as I change one of the copied items in the calendar folder (for example adding the reminders to the copied items again), the changed item is being uploaded to Manually sending/receiving the calendar folder doesn't help either, changing an item seems to be the only way to force the upload.

What can be the cause of this problem? Is it because I copied the existing items instead of moving them? Do I have to edit all the copied items to force Outlook to upload them?


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Problem solved: funnily enough, moving the calendar items instead of copying them solved the problem... :confused:
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