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I am using Outlook 2013 (365) with Yesterday, I upgraded iTunes. iCloud opened and asked what was to be synched. I checked Outlook. All kinds of crazy stuff happened (iCloud became default calendar; duplicate appointments in IOS; calendar deleted).

I think I’ve got almost everything worked out ( calendar synching to all devices). However, my calendar (I use a legacy address) has been moved to deleted items. This calendar is still syncing to the calendar. However, when I push the calendar button on the Outlook address bar, a new calendar without any appointments shows up. The calendar does not show up in the calendar tree. I can only get to the calendar by jury rigging.

Question- How can I move the calendar out of the deleted items and restore it as my default calendar? Additionally, iTunes installed an iCloud calendar in my Outlook, should I delete this (I don't think I need it)?

You have saved me countless times throughout the years. I’m sure that I speak for many in thanking you for your active assistance.
When you use, you don't need iCloud for syncing outlook - apple will sync with directly.

Can you drag the calendar out of the deleted items folder in outlook? if you can do that and then log into and set the old calendar to default and delete the new one, I think that would be the easiest.

If not, select the calendar in Outlook - if its not in the calendar list, use the folder list view (ctrl+6) to view it, select it and go to the File menu, Save calendar. Click options and save the entire calendar to make a backup. Steps ans screenshot is here: -

Once you do that you can either follow the instructions on that web page to import into the new calendar or try the following:

Set the deleted calendar view to list view, select a few and move to the new calendar. Verify that they synced up by logging into or checking the account on a different computer, then move more.

Empty the deleted folder to get rid of the calendar folder.

To get rid of the iCloud folders, sign out of iCloud (don't select the option to create a local backup copy - everything is in iCloud if you need to recover it). If you aren't using an iCloud or me address for email, you can delete the email account iCloud created in outlook. If you need iCloud to sync photos, sign back in and don't select he option to sync with outlook.

To avoid confusion on the iDevice, i would set it to use the calendar as default. That is at the bottom of the Mail, Contacts, Calendars setting.
Thanks for the quick reply. I was unable to move the calendar out of the deleted items.
When playing around, I was able to fix the problem. I logged into my account. I created a new calendar on I went to the settings within and changed the new calendar to the default calendar. Once I did this, my main calendar on Outlook 2013 was moved out of the delted items folder back to it's proper place. I went back to and deleted the new calendar and set the old/main calendar as the default. Somehow, this worked.
Thanks for the update - I'm sure if it happened to you, it'll happen to others.
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