Recovering Tasks moved to Mail folders

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I have my To-Do Bar showing on my Inbox screen with various tasks listed. I often use keyboard shortcuts. I routinely use Ctrl+Shift+V to move a highlighted email item from my Inbox into various mail sub-folders for filing. On occasion, the task portion of the To-Do Bar is active, so although I have an email semi-highlighted in my Inbox section, the active highlight really is a task. When I press Ctrl+Shift+V thinking (incorrectly) that I am moving an email item to a mail sub-folder, Outlook tries to move the task to the sub-folder. The task disappears: It no longer appears on my task list, and it isn't shown in the sub-folder. Can anyone tell me where it has gone or whether I can restore it?

Brian Tillman

Pressing Ctrl+Z immediately after that should put it back.



Thanks for the reply, but I just tried and Ctrl+Z doesn't restore the task. I did some more testing: If I drag a task to a mail folder on my navigation pane, it creates an email with the task data included (although as an email draft, it isn't necessarily stored in the folder I dragged into), and Outlook doesn't delete the task. Ctrl+Shift+V doesn't look like it acts the same way - it just removes the task, and I can't find it in the mail folder either.

Any other suggestions?


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
I had this problem as well (annoying!). For me it created emails in the Drafts folder with the tasks as attachments. I got them back using Outlook 2010 this way:

  • Open up the message in the preview pane and you should see the task as an attachment.
  • Right click on the task and holding the right mouse drag it over to the Tasks bar on the bottom left.
  • When you are over the Tasks bar the upper part of the left should show task items (like To-Do List and Tasks) and you should have a plus sign for the cursor.
  • While on the tasks area let go of the right mouse and you should get a small menu. Pick Copy and the item should be copied to your tasks.

Let us know if that works.
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