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I'm confused by archiving.

I had wanted to gain some room, export some folders, creating a copy on my hard drive.

I archived first, figuring it wouldn't hurt.

Two questions:

Now, if I try to export the folders, it does nothing (creates a small file, but I'm sure no messages are in there). This is true even if I "click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange", then try to export. So it is no longer possible to create an exported file?

And two: the number of items in these folders (after clicking here to view more...") seems significantly smaller than I expected.

The original settings I tried were:

* Archive this folder ("2010") using these settings:

** Clean out items older than 3 months

** Move old items to BACKUP2010.PST (This file got created, but is only 265 kb)

But then I changed to "use default archiving values", and didn't notice that "delete expired items" was set.

When I googled the definition of expired files, I read the default for messages was six months. Have I lost files permamenly?

Diane Poremsky

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I can't say for sure if you lost the items for gone... but the 265KB file is empty. That is the default size.

Expired items refers to messages marked to expire - it's an option on the properties dialog. When a message expires, it's marked with a gray line through it and is deleted during archiving. I don't think this setting affected your mail.

Was any mail archived? Archiving uses the last modified date by default - if you imported mail that date changes. If you imported recently, there would be no old mail to archive unless you change settings.
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