Looking for a solution (maybe an add-in) to easily track email conversations

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Hi all

I have been searching around for quite some time, both here and on the web, and am struggling to find what I hope is out there!

What I am looking for is an easy wa yto track email conversations by contact. For example, if I have a contact of John Smith, I want and easy way to simply click on the contact and see all emails sent to and from him (this need not be across all folders, it could be just the inbox/sent folder if easier).

I am aware that this is possible via BCM, but I work for myself and as such the licence terms do not work for me for this product as I think there is a minimum of 5 licences, and I would only need 1!!. And I don't need, or want to pay for, the extra functionality of BCM either!

Does anyone know of a way to do this, or if there are any add-ins (free of paid for) that would provide such functionality?!

It seems like a fairly basic ask, but my searches have so far only really undearthed BCM for this.

Re: Looking for a solution (maybe an add-in) to easily track email conversatio

What about Activities? This is a button on the open contact form.

Or the social connector - that is the pane at the bottom of message and contacts. It should the most recent 200 message for the person.

The screenshot shows both.

The Activities are in the top section and you get to that page by clicking the button in the ribbon. Click General to go back to the main contact page.

The bottom of the contact is the social connector. Collapse and expand it using the arrow icon on the right. If you don't see it, turn it on from the View ribbon - People pane icon.

Re: Looking for a solution (maybe an add-in) to easily track email conversatio

What about Activities? This is a button on the open contact form.

Hi Diane

I was oblivious about Activities, and this looks like just what I am after! Thanks very much!
(Social Connector is close, and is what I have tried recently, but it won't show sent and received emails in the same view, unless I am mistaken?).

A couple of questions if I may about Activities

- when I looked at Activities it seemed to take a while to "load" the email list when I first look at it for a contact, but it is much faster the 2nd time I look; is this standard behaviour? (I only ask as the first time I looked it took a few minutes, which for me is an unacceptable time lag if this will happen all the time, but is OK if it is only the first time Activities is run for any contact)

- I have an Access DB in which I keep much of my detailed CRM info; whilst I am comfortable with Access & Excel VBA I am not overly familiar with the Outlook object model - should it be a relatively straightforward task for me to add a button on my Access DB that reads the contact detail from Access and opens this "Activities" view in Outlook for the relevant contact?

Thanks for your help, Activities may well be a really great find for me! :D
Re: Looking for a solution (maybe an add-in) to easily track email conversatio

Activities uses the old internal search engine and yes, its very slow.

I don't know how hard it would be to pull it up from access - calling the object model is not a problem and opening the contact shouldn't be a problem, but i don't know if you can open the activities page.
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