How to save attachment looking at the attachment name

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Hi All,
I want to write a script that will do couple of things but at a high level I will list the tasks that the script needs to do.

  1. Read an incoming mail and save the attachment (The attachments are of format to a new folder everytime I receive the mail with a folder created with the file name of the attachment.
  2. The attachment are seven files with the name format I have given.
  3. I want to open the files and perform some excel operations on the files and prepare a new file
  4. Then I want to attach this new file as a reply to the mail that I had received with a custom message
I have found information in bits and peices on the net but I need someone who can guide me for the entire process of creation of this script.This will greatly automate my task.

The high level tasks involved are:
  1. Saving the attachments in a new folder same as the file name
  2. Opening of excel files and saving them all in a single workbook
  3. Performing operations like vlookup and other and creating a new modified file
  4. Attaching the new file as a response to the mail received with a customized body message.
Can someone guide me how can I do these operations?

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