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I am testing OTL 2010 (yes, it's old!). I've imported tasks, but they all appear in the todo list as well. i only want certain, very few of them that way. However, I cannot clear the flag without deleting the task. When I tried to create a new task, it also has a flag that makes it appear in the todo list.

I understand that I can flag an email and have it appear in the todo list. That's great. I like that. but a completely cluttered todo list with all those tasks that don't have to be there is a big PIA and a show stopper for me.

My sense is that this is just pilot error, but this pilot is flying blind. Are there any IFR folks out there who can help me? (IFR=instrument flight rules)
The to-do is basically a search folder for everything that is a tasks - flagged messages and tasks. You need a custom view to hide some in the To-do.

Basic steps are here:
Thanks for your reply, but I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear. Since I'm a real noobie, please bear with me. (BTW, I'm wanting to use OTL just by myself. No other people or devices.)
My understanding is that tasks are things that I I need to do so I add them to the Task list. ToDos are things like emails that need some action on my part, so, by flagging them, they will appear in my Task list.

My issue is that when I did a test import into Tasks via CSV, all of my tasks came across with a flag on them, and, thus, appear in the ToDo list. The list is huge and therefore useless. I only want certain higher priority Tasks to appear in the ToDo list, yet I cannot seem to clear the flag. I can change what the flag represents--today, tomorrow, etc.--but not remove it.

So, what I want to see is just specific Tasks and Emails I've marked (flagged) in the ToDo list. The link you referred me to shows me how to show only Tasks in the ToDo list. I want to just see a subset of the Tasks. Is there a way to remove the flag entirely so that I can start to set the flags as I see fit?

Thanks for hanging in with me on this...
Everything appears on the to-do - both tasks and flagged messages. You can create a custom view to only show flagged email, only show flagged mail + tasks due 'now' etc. But the default To-Do views show all tasks and flagged messages together. Some of the views have filters to show tasks due now, overdue, hide completed etc.

In Step 7, Type task in the Value field. (Or IPM.Task), change task to note or IPM.Note if you want to hide tasks and only show flagged messages.
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