Outlook 365 - Tasks are not synchronizing?

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Is it correct that tasks that I have postponed within Outlook 365 on my desktop PC show up within Outlook on my laptop?
Seems that part of Outlook isn't synchronizing then, i.e. I am getting quit a list of some items on my laptop.

Yes, to a degree. If the laptop was offline/shutdown when you made the change and does not come back online before they come due, the reminder will fire before the sync process updates the task. This is because outlook reads the locally cached data before it syncs changes.

If the laptop is online when you make the change, the laptop will be updated.
Thanks again.
Hmm... that's a bit of a disappointment.
Many of those tasks are in fact reminders. Check this, check that. If I postpone a task on my desktop, I would not know until when, when using my laptop. I assume this also counts for Outlook on desktop, meaning, if a user is on vacation for a longer period of time and been using his laptop only, then he/she will be facing the same situation when launching Outlook on his desktop(?)

Are there no tips and tricks to solve such situations?
How are they usually solved?
Correct, it applies to all devices. if the device is turned off and you change the reminder (or dismiss the reminder), when you first start outlook, the reminder dialog will use the cached data. After it syncs, it will have the correct information - you can start outlook, ignore it while it syncs updates then restart it.
Diane - what would happen if I delete the tasks from on my laptop?
So I'll get rid of the reminders there. Or am I to understand that then the tasks on my desktop are removed as well?
Or should I set the date to 2030 on my laptop, because the dates are not synchronized after all?
If you use a pop account, the tasks are only on 'this' computer. If you use outlook.com/exchange, the tasks are synced with the mailbox so deleting them on one device deletes them from all.
Very sorry, forgot to mention, I am using Exchange.

Capture-06012019 083427.png

Later . . .

Yes, you are right on the pop matter.

I checked the tasks on my laptop, in the 'To-Do list' I added 'Outlook Data File' Column in the view.
Noticed that the duplicates are from the existing .pst file that is added to Outlook on desktop and laptop (serving more or less as archive)

The tasks were pulled out from the tasks in the .pst files.
I cleaned up the duplicates (i.e. deleted the ones in .pst if the same one existed in .ost) and transferred about a dozen from .pst that were missing in .ost.

I believe it is solved now.

Thanks for the tip Diane.
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