some tasks are disappearing

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Outlook 2019 64-bit
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Hello All

Outlook 2016
Windows 7
I sync via CompanionLink to my iPad's DejaOffice app

I have searched through the tasks and the deleted and the completed. I cannot see my task anywhere. This isn't a task that I would delete, just change the date manually when it comes due. It's a reminder that a credit card needs to be paid. I missed this last one because the task is 'gone'.

I have also searched through the iPad's DejaOffice app to see if the task is hiding somewhere there.

I've had this problem in the past but all I can remember is, changing 'views?' in Outlook will bring the task back to visibility. At least I think that changing views showed the task but unfortunately I didn't keep notes.

This particular task is missing on both the desktop and the iPad, but it's quite possible that I synced without realizing the task was gone.

Any idea on where I can look to find this missing task? And maybe other tasks that I can't recall but might be missing also!

Thanks very much
Start with changing to the Detailed view - that should show every task, although it should be found with a search.

If this is a recurring task, i wonder if you didn't mark it complete - if you dismiss, it might not be regenerated. And if you used the regenrate option and marked it complete later, it wont be visible immediately

Hi Diane and thanks for the quick reply.

I have since discovered that 2 more tasks have gone 'missing'. NONE of the tasks are set as recurring or regenerate. When they come due and I physically complete the task, I change the 'due date' to the next date I require.

I have looked at the 'detailed' view.

But I vaguely remember, from when this happened before, that I had to change to some view and then I saw the missing tasks. I could not see them under 'due date' or category in my regular 'simplified' view.

I also can't recall if I was using CompanionLink at that time so I can't say that syncing to CompanionLink might be causing the problem. Although I've been using this sync method for well over a year now.

Didn't mention before but I got this computer, with Outlook 2016, July 2017. But since I can't recall when I had the problem before I don't know if I was with Outlook 2010 (version I had previously).

I can't see a pattern to the tasks that are missing; not the same due date, not the same category, not the same priority; just looks random.

I'm sure that the tasks are somewhere, just hidden for some reason. I do delete one-time tasks but my delete folder hasn't been emptied for a long time and I while I can see tasks that I know I've deleted, can't find what I'm looking for.

Hope there is a simple solution and a reason why this happens. If it's something I'm doing wrong, then I'd like to learn how to properly do it. Now, I feel like I have to go back to pen & paper just to cross-check with the digital!

I'm not sure you are doing anything wrong but I also don't know what happened to them. You should be able to find them using Search.
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