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I use the "unified inbox" view as discussed a while ago in another thread (the search query is "folder:Inbox"). One of the inboxes included is Apple's me.com. Whenever I move a message (in this unified inbox view) from me.com into any local folder, the view will only change the display of such message to that with gray letters and strike-through. Now, if I open me.com inbox directly in Outlook's IMAP structure, there are no "marked for deletion" items there (i.e. the message was in fact moved). If I go back to the unified inbox view, those moved messages are still displayed with strike-through. It disappears after a while (sometimes an hour or so).
This is the only account that does this (all others regard moving messages the way they should - disappearing from the unified inbox view after you move them). I'm guessing it's search index (or unified box view) related. However, Indexing Status shows everything indexed.
Is there any way to make this account behave the way the others do (i.e. no such weird strike-through phase)? I already removed me.com account, deleted its pst file, and re-created me.com again.
Are the other mailboxes IMAP too? When you move or delete from an imap account, the message is marked to be purged and it's purged on the next sync or when you switch folders. (Moving copies the message to a folder and deletes the message from the original)

How is the me account configured for deleted items? Go to File, account settings, double click on the me account then click More settings to check.
Yes, they're all IMAP. I know about the setting for "purge when switching folders". But the thing is, the server's Inbox (and the one displayed in Outlook under ...@me.com structure) doesn't contain these messages after they're moved (which is the way it's supposed to be, and the way it's done with other accounts as well). They only show in the unified inbox view (and only disappear after one hour, two hours...).
What view are you using on the folder? Because the message is shown as marked for deletion, i think it's not actually purged from the folder instantly after moving. But it could just be a search index issue.

Non-imap accounts are instant, although in some cases you need to redo the search - the message won't always disappear from the view until you refresh the view.
I'm using the default view on inboxes, with some tweaks (such as reading pane off, no grouping, sort by received). The messages are definitely moved (and not on the server anymore), so just the unified inbox shows those. I don't see any consistency as to when they disappear -- it ranges from almost instant (this morning) to a couple of hours (yesterday afternoon they (or should I say, their ghosts) were stuck there for like 6 hours or so). How can this particular view be refreshed on demand (merely clicking to a different folder and returning to the unified inbox doesn't do it)? Is there a line I could/should add to the unified inbox macro?

EDIT: After upgrading to Office 2013, the problem disappeared
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