Cannot open or save calendar items

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I'm running Outlook 2003 under Win 7. After my monthly Win update, yesterday, I found I could not save new calendar items (error message said only "cannot save item"), could not open existing items, but could delete existing ones. Mail still works OK. (It may or may not be significant that I had minor problems this week with CompanionLink, which syncs my calendar to DejaOffice on my Android phone.)

When deleting one event in a series, I was not asked if I wanted to delete all or just this occurence (It deleted all). Deleting that or a standalone event got me "The item may not have been deleted correctly. If someone sent you the item, that peerson's copy of the item may not be updated." (Nobody sent me the item.)

I tried Help/Detect & Repair. It said ZF612707.CAB could not be found, and asked for the install disk. I put in Disk 1 and got "Error 25091. Setup failed to change the source."

How do I get it working again?
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