1. A

    Any way to make Outlook Calendar invitations look right to Gmail/Google Calendar users?

    I use Outlook 2016/Exchange at work. Whenever I send a calendar invite to my family members on Gmail/Apple devices, the format is very confusing to them -- it looks like a full email with a signature block followed by an ICS attachment that they need to double click to get the invite and then...
  2. AmonRa

    Outlook 365 calendar - too much white space

    I have a similar issue than the one posted here: Calendar View in Outlook Office 365 - Doesn't show enough hours, and the 30/60 min choice isn't the solution It is not well thought out by the developers, IMHO, that by default, the outlook calendar does not fit full 8 hours of work days. In much...
  3. J

    Time Zone Issues - Outlook Calendar and Webcal Feed

    All, I've linked the webcal feed provided by Followupthen to my Outlook client and, initially, I received this message during the sync: "...contains a property that references an undeclared time zone...." That message has now ceased, but all of my calendar items are off by an hour (+1). I was...
  4. P

    Scheduling a meeting in Outlook

    I'm building this little add-in for Outlook to bring extra features when scheduling a meeting and would love feedback on it. If you're interested in using it, sign-up on and I'll reply to your email.
  5. J

    Outlook 2010 Changing events in Outlook calendar via opening file, importing CSV

    I keep an Excel spreadsheet of events, and import to Outlook calendar by opening and importing a CSV file. If an event changes, or I need to cancel an event, I would like to change it in the spreadsheet, import the new CSV, and see these changes reflected in the calendar. Is this possible...
  6. M

    Creating an RSS Feed **FROM** Outlook 2013 Calendar.

    Good morning. I would like to create an RSS to share from my Outlook 2013 Calendar so that others can subscribe to it from outside of my Network. All I can seem to find is how to subscribe to someone else's feed. Although RSS is my preference, other suggestions are certainly welcome. Many...
  7. C

    Shading every other week on monthly calendar

    Is there a way to shade every other week in the Outlook Calendar either by custom settings or a vba macro?
  8. M

    Custom Calendar Print Suggestions?

    I'm desparately trying to get my school to move from a very manual process using a spreadsheet to using the room scheduling in Outlook. The biggest obstacle is that they are insisting on still having a printout inn a format at least similar to this one. Does anyone know of a way to get...
  9. C

    iCloud Setting missing Outlook tab and Outlook missing the iCloud refresh button

    Got a new computer and have problems in connecting synch iCloud and Outlook 365 (2016?). Have problems in both Outlook and iCloud Settings. 1. In Outlook, the iCloud add-in is checked and indicates that the add-in is active. However in Outlook, the iCloud Refresh button on the menu is not...
  10. GregS

    Simple calendar sharing doesn't work

    My wife and I both use Office 2016 and Outlook. I tried sharing calendars using tools on the calendar page. The effort crashed each time with an ambiguous "something happened" message. At the top of her calendar the heading says "outlook_(long code of numbers/letters) - Outlook" Top...
  11. S

    Conditional Formatting in calendar part of To-Do Bar

    I created conditional formatting on my calendar to indicate whether I'm a Required Attendee (dark red) or an Optional Attendee (light red) for appointments and meetings. I was dismayed to discover that the formatting did not apply to the Calendar portion of the To-Do bar. Any suggestions on how...
  12. N

    Error 0x80090326 when trying to setup IMAP account on

    Dear Diane I use Office 365 Home with both a gmail and and an IMAP e-mail account. Both accounts have been setup on OutIook365 and my gmail and IMAP account e-mails are syncing on my laptop and Android phone (i have the Outlook app loaded on my phone). However my gmail calendar appointments...
  13. R

    Recover Deleted Appointment in Calendar

    How can one recover A Deleted Appointment in Outlook 365 Calendar? A deleted appointment does NOT appear to be moved to the Deleted Items folder, where deleted emails are stored. Rick.
  14. M

    Using conditional formatting on a shared calendar with categories

    I have an interesting problem that I am really hoping someone has a good solution for. Context and issue: I am using Outlook 2016 Exchange I have access to a shared calendar (with editor rights). The owner of the shared calendar has most meetings color-coded using categories. I would like the...
  15. C

    too many choices for time zones! can i reduce to actual time zones only?

    i regularly need to schedule events in pacific and eastern time. i'm generally happy with the outlook calendar feature that allows me to set the time zone for an event (and especially happy when it allows me to set separate start and finish time zones, for transcon flights). but is there a way...
  16. S

    Shortcut/button to a Calendar Group

    Greetings, I've made several Calendar Groups (me and the boss, me and a few coworkers, etc). I hide the left folder bar and it takes several clicks to change between Calendar Groups. Is there a way to make a button on the Ribbon or above the ribbon to display one of several Calendar Groups...
  17. C

    Color Code New Calendar Items

    Hi, I am going to add holidays for two additional company locations to Outlook 2010 from a CSV file. Can I add a color to indicate the other locations via a field in that CSV file? Thank you
  18. S

    Calendar loops when clicking on calendar link to start it

    I'm running Outlook 2010 on Windows 10 with all current maintenance applied. As of this afternoon the calendar goes into an infinite loop as soon as I click the link to start it. There's a circle in the middle of the display. I searched the web and found no solution.
  19. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook Meetings disappear from the Calendar

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  20. Diane Poremsky

    Autoaccept a Meeting Request using Rules

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