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Is there a way to shade every other week in the Outlook Calendar either by custom settings or a vba macro?
No, not really.

You could use categories to shade, but it's not an optimal solution IMHO, because you need to set the week long event to busy or tentative to shade the days. (This generally won't be a problem if you aren't using an Exchange account and need to share calendars with coworkers. )

While it looks nice on an empty calendar, it is messy on a busy calendar.
Thank you Diane, Do you have the steps inwhich you accomplished the above?
It's just a recurring appointment. My calendar is Sun - Sat, so i started it on Sunday, for 1 week duration, recur every 2 weeks on Sunday. Set the Free/Busy to Busy or tentative (for hashed lines) and assign a category.
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