Why is every new email pinned (to keep it on top)? Windows 10

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server 2007
For the past ten days, every new email has been pinned, instead of going into my Inbox.

I found a command "generate reports" and now have these reports: LegacySettings.txt, ViewStateConfiguration.txt, UserOptions.txt, SweepRuls.txt, InboxRules.txt, BulkActions.txt, FilterFolders.txt, DefauktViewIndexer.txt, ScheduledFolderLog.txt and SweepRulesLog.txt.

The InboxRules.txt report seems the most relevant. It's extremely long - had I printed the report it would have filled 145 pages of Word - so instead, I searched the report. It had found four entries from websites that I've visited. There was nothing in the report that looked as if it was a rule related to my pinned new emails.

The only anti-virus program I use is Defender.

What should I do to stop it happening please?
Is this showing up in web mail or in Outlook desktop? Pinning is currently not working in the desktop version - but is coming. (It worked in the fall, but was temporarily disabled - if you have an older build, it could have pins enabled)

Do you access the account from a phone or webmail? Both can pin.

For the past ten days, every new email has been pinned, instead of going into my Inbox.
Pinned mail goes into the inbox - its just pinned to the top.
My outlook.com must be an older version because every new email goes into a long list of pinned emails every time I log in. I've had over 100 new pinned since I created this.

My outlook.com has had problems ever since Microsoft 'upgraded' me from hotmail years ago. I've had lots of little niggling problems the Bing answer to which is generally "click on the File tab at the top of your mail". but I haven't got a File tab. Below is the list of options after I've opened an email.

Outlook - File tab missing 2021-01 31st.PNG

In addition, the Heading on my mail is "Outlook" (see below) although I've been told by some that it should show Outlook.com

Outlook not outlook mail 2021.PNG

Hoping you can help me.

Outlook missing tick and options. 2016-08 11th 1820.PNG
That is web mail.

For the past ten days, every new email has been pinned, instead of going into my Inbox.
If its pinned, it should still be in the inbox - just pinned at the top.


Did you check for rules? There is a pin action in rules. .
That is web mail.

If its pinned, it should still be in the inbox - just pinned at the top.

View attachment 3237

Did you check for rules? There is a pin action in rules. .
View attachment 3238
My issue with this is that previously the decision to pin an email was mine. Now every email is pinned.

I've followed your route to Rules and in My Rules there are many email addresses and the actions that I have selected. These are mainly 'Delete', with a few 'move to Inbox' and a few 'move to Folder Junk email. (The latter are from sources that I'm monitoring because I'm undecided at the moment what I should do.)

But nowhere do I see an action that says 'pin/unpin' i.e. this sudden change by the system to pin every new email is not because of any action that I've taken. What should I do now please?
have you had chance to look at this, Diane, please? I've had dozens more new emails pinned instead of going into my InBox since I created this. In case it's relevant, the problem didn't co-incide with a Windows Update, as happens very occasionally.
Are the messages actually pinned, like in my screenshot?
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