Cannot open Options Menu Outlook 2007 and Cannot create a new profile


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I have several problems with out Outlook 2007 installation using Win 7 Pro. They may all be related.

I have a current profile that works and can open outlook. But it is highly unstable. Crashes and doesn't not send/receive after a few hours.

1. In the "working" profile, when I go to Tools-> Options nothing happens. No menu opens. (Anyone know the direct dll or msc or whatever for this window?)

2. I can go to Tools-> Account Settings But then clicking "new", "repair", "change" does nothing when trying to change the Mailbox settings. No menu opens.

3. Tools -> Account Settings then Data Files changing the Mailbox *.ost settings gets a "Out of system memory or resources" or for the Archive Settings *.pst a "unknown error occured. error code 0x80073b01"

4. I cannot create a new profile (in the current user and any other admin user). Going to Control Panel -> Mail (32-bit) doesn't not work. When I add a "test" profile it says "Requested operation failed"
Closing the mail panel and reopening it, the "test" profile is there, but I cannot change it's properties.
Going to E-mail Accounts and clicking "new" does nothing (no windows popup) similar to #2

I have tried uninstalling reinstalling. I have tried repairing Office 2007. Office was not installed on top of any 2003 or prior copy, to my knowledge. I have tried Fixmapi. I have disabled all the add-ons. I disabled Norton anti-spam and email addons.

I have successfully added a profile by using another computer to configure outlook. Then copying the *.ost and *.pst files. Then going into the registery and adding the copied profile to HKCU->Software->WinNT->Mess Sub Sys... But I cannot edit any of the settings once it is in due to the above issues.

Thank you for reading and for any help you can offer.