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On two occasions I have lost prior calendar entries in Outlook. All individual appointments with specific time blocks would be gone. Those entries that were "all day events" would remain. It is very annoying to lo9se such past data. Any ideas?
Is there anything common about the missing events? Ie, was it all events older than 2 months? (That's a common problem with Blackberries, although all day events should disappear too).

Are they missing or just hidden? Do you see them if you use a list view or the week view? If so, do you have the calendar set to low detail? In 2010, expand the Month button on the Home ribbon.
This has just started happening to me; if I add a recurrence, all calendar items disappear from view (the recurring item). I sync it with my google calendar and they'll eventually show up there, but they just don't show up in Outlook, no matter what view I try. The same with recurring task items, too, for that matter.

This started at the same time, so maybe it's relevant: When I try to create a new appointment, it seems to have a default start-stop range of a couple of months (but not exactly two months). When I try to fix it, it jumps around. Creating a new appointment has become such a pain, and I can't figure out what's going on.
You have verified you are not in low details view?

Do you see the appointments if you use a list view (like phone list)?

Did you try resetting the view?
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