Setup of Outlook2013 insists on using OST for an IMAP account.

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My first attempt to start using Outlook after an absence of over 12 months was motivated by the need to have common data (calendars, contacts) between 3 PC's. I was offered the use of an Exchanger server account an then proceeded to incorporate my existing Yahoo IMAP account within it. I no longer wish to use the Exchange server scenario because the login success was intermittent and so I removed the local account, deleted the associated data file and removed the profile. I created a new profile which I visibly associated only with the IMAP account but Outlook insists on creating an OST data file. The data sync software I purchased will only sync PST however. Is there some leftover item from a previous setup which is still trying to use the Exchange server ? All references I have read suggest that POP3 and IMAP should result in PST, mine does not !
Outlook 2013 uses an ost file for IMAP accounts now. What sync software are you using? Do you have a pst file set as default to use with calendar and contacts? Outlook 2013 stores calendar and contacts in the data file with the imap mail by default, unless you add a pst file to the profile and set it as default.

See for more information.
OK thanks Diane, with Outlook2013 IMAP=OST !

I intended to use SyncPST for intra-Outlook (SyncPST will only use a PST !), Sync2 for Google-Outlook and iTunes for PC-iPhone.

I accept that I will use IMAP=OST for email and PST for calendars and contacts, however ...

I'm not sure you can add a pst data file before adding an email account. I added a pst (with an IMAP ost already present) and made it default but there was no calendar or contacts folder within it, so I am unable to populate them ! I was about to start from scratch but now a new install of iCloud has also added stock to the pot with as yet unknown integration with Outlook :-|

With all my data still safe, I'm going to trash the setup again and hopefully get things in the right order.
You can add a pst before creating the email account - do it from Control panel, mail. But setting the pst as default should create the default Outlook folders, even if the imap account is added first... you won't see it in the Mail navigation, but they will be there in the folder list.

I'm not sure how well the iCloud will play, mostly because it moves calendar and contacts to a new data file. You might be able to drop syncpst and use iCloud instead. I don't think you can sync google contacts with outlook via iCloud though (but i haven't tried.)
Thanks again Diane. Just before your last reply, I was successful !

I started from scratch again (square 0+1/2) and this time created a new profile with no associated email. This automatically created a pst data file (named after my profile name) which I found was populated with calendar and contacts folders etc.

Going back to Control Panel I added an IMAP email account - which creates the ost file (now for mail only).

I imported my calendars from Google with Sync2 and my contacts from a .csv. I then used SyncPST to replicate the calendars and contacts to the other installation.

I have noted the absence of automatically replicated categories in email thanks to IMAP, but will use the advise in these pages. Surely the answer is to update IMAP ? However, categories in the pst are auto-replicated, I suspect.

All that is left to do is :- (perhaps answered elsewhere)

find out how to 'Send As' from one of multiple addresses within one account.

find out how to hide/remove unused folders in the folder pane.

find out how to get my contacts into the address book. Address book options on my replicated target don't offer me my data file contacts :-(
IMAP doesn't support categories fully - if you assign shortcuts to your most used categories you should be able to apply them to imap email. More information is here -

find out how to 'Send As' from one of multiple addresses within one account. Outlook is limited on this. You can type the from address in the From field by outlook will use 'from address on behalf of other address' in the header. some mail clients will show it, others won't. The best way is to add accounts - use a fake incoming server and set up the smtp with the desired from address.

find out how to hide/remove unused folders in the folder pane. It's a PITA. In calendar and contacts you can create groups and move the folders to the groups. In mail, you can put the folders you use on the Favorites list and ignore the folder list. That said, you can try hiding folders using MFCMAPI

find out how to get my contacts into the address book. Address book options on my replicated target don't offer me my data file contacts :-( right click on the contacts folder, is it enabled as an address book? Are any contacts listed in address book?
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