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What I want: My gmail and Android to be the identical and personal (not exchange) Outlook 2013 to store everything (be the repository)

What I have done: 1) IMAP email on Android with a BCC to gmail for any emails I create on my phone (this is working really well) 2) POP Gmail setup for Outlook 2013 (to bring local any emails I want to keep) is the one account in Outlook and it is the default. 3) my Windows 10 PC in "settings" wanted to update my account and so I added the Gmail account

Issues: everything works great except that now I get this error: Task '(my email) - Sending' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'Outlook data file cannot be accessed.'

What do I need to change to allow me to send and receive from Outlook?

I appreciate the help! I've read and read and I can't find the fix I need.
Did it used to work without the error? Are their updates waiting to be installed? Have you tried rebooting? I've seen similar errors when windows had updates waiting a reboot fixed it.

Is there a reason why you aren't using IMAP in Outlook?
Is the IMAP account on android a gmail account? If so, gmail should be saving sent messages, which you'd get if you used imap in outlook. You can use a local pst and move or copy messages you want to keep if you don't trust gmail.
Hi. So I moved from an old machine to a Win 10 and my old outlook was 2007. It never really worked the way I wanted it to behave but I always sucked it up and dealt with all the questions I had - this time I wanted to make it work. I have also rebooted a few times with no change.

I do most of my replying/managing in Outlook as Gmail has horrific folder management (my perspective). I think I had IMAP all around at one time but I was struggling with the headers only, duplications, delays and so forth and I thought gmail couldn't handle the outlook folder setup anyway, so I dropped using Gmail as my one true source and returned to Outlook being my main source for long-term storage and true source. I could be really wrong here and am open to change.

My phone, I think, is using an Android mail app that pulls in my gmail mail and that is what I set to IMAP. I don't like the gmail app and try not to use it.
[QUOTE="Diane Poremsky, ...

Thanks Diane. I like your answers and have been reading up. I appreciate your insight!
[QUOTE="Laineyj, post: 345837, member: 13425
Is there a reason why you aren't using IMAP in Outlook?

I would rather hire someone that is awesome at outlook (ie much better than myself) and what I want to fix what I currently have soon. Can you lead me in the right direction?
so, I'm not sure how posting is supposed to work but I feel compelled to tell that I have figured it out. I have set up a local Outlook 2013 account that is using POP2 for Gmail and my Android phone is IMAP to Gmail. Got it done. Turns out my issue was around a bad profile setup. All good!
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