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    Email not leaving Outbox when using Excel VBA to sync Outlook account

    Hi everybody, I've just joined this forum - thanks for having me and I need some of your expertise, if you don't mind... My situation: I have a single exchange account added to Outlook 2019. By default, when I go into Send/Receive Groups, All Accounts, Edit..., the tickbox for...
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    Outlook 2007 Separate the Send/Receive functions

    Hi There The environment is a home computer with Windows 10 Pro and using Office 2007 Pro, POP protocol. This may be a silly question, but is there any way that the Outlook "Send/Receive" processes can be separated, so that you can "Send" without automatically triggering a "receive" and/or do...
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    How to automaticlly Send/Receive every 3 mins but override send if send/receive is pressed

    Hello there, I am curious how I can get outlook to function the way I had it on my previous computer. I had it setup where it would automatically process Send/Receive every 3 mins in the background. But when I wrote an email and hit send it would not send until that 3 min window. UNLESS...
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    Gmail POP, Android IMAP, Outlook 2013 setup close

    Long time user, first time poster, need help What I want: My gmail and Android to be the identical and personal (not exchange) Outlook 2013 to store everything (be the repository) What I have done: 1) IMAP email on Android with a BCC to gmail for any emails I create on my phone (this is...
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    Outlook 2007 not sending/receiving until restart (send/receive stuck at __%)

    My boss is using Outlook 2007, and he's having an issue where his Outlook won't receive any new emails. Sometimes he'll notice that the send/receive get's stuck at __ % and just hangs. He can't retrieve any new emails unless he restarts Outlook. New emails will come in, and then later on he'll...