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My wife uses Outlook as her primary email account and Gmail as secondary. She just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy phone, and we transferred everything from her previous phone to it. However, when she sends emails through her Outlook account on the new phone, the sending address is her gmail address. I tried to change this by going to her Outlook profile and adding her Outlook account, but this option was linked to Google which wouldn't accept it. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks.
change this by going to her Outlook profile and adding her Outlook account, but this option was linked to Google which wouldn't accept it.

This is in the profile on her phone? Is the Gmail address added to the account as an alias?

Did you set everything up fresh on the phone or use a service or Samsung feature to migrate to a new phone?

I had a client with problems adding a Hotmail account and appointments on the wrong calendar - it took a while to figure it out - in the end we deleted many of the accounts and added back the ones she needed. (She had her kids accounts on the phone too - they caused the calendar confusion.)
Thanks for your response. Yes, the Gmail address is indicated as her alias, but we didn't add it - it was there when she opened Outlook, and I can't figure out a way to change it.

I used a Samsung app to do the transfer, was thinking of uninstalling the Outlook app as a possible fix and reinstalling it fresh. That may be the way to go.
Is the gmail address listed here -

It *should* be ok if the gmail address is there, as long as its not set as primary.

Either uninstalling the app or deleting the accounts in it then adding them back might work.
That's where it is on her phone, but not on her laptop, which has the Outlook account listed as the primary. Will try the uninstall and reinstall.
When you add the account to outlook, make sure you type in the address, don't use the address if its prefilled.
Just to add - do you recommend also uninstalling/reinstalling gmail on the phone as well?
The gmail app or the account in the mail app? I don't think you need to remove it - and probably can't if its your phone's login account.
you're right, I couldn't. But the Outlook reinstall did the trick. Thanks for your help.
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