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Please forgive me if this has been outlined in another threat but it was not in any that I could find.

I have setup a shared subfolder by following the steps outlined here:


I want the group I am sharing with to see the email moved into the folder as unread, so they know to address the matter. Unfortunately, by default (possibly unable to modify), outlook will mark the email as read as soon as anyone reads it. The problem being, if one person I share it with reads it, the others will not notice there is an email to be read.

Is there any way to have it so that it will only be marked as read on the personal machine of the person who read it?

This may be a little confusing please let me know if you need me to clarify further.
No, its not pssible with shared mailbox folders - when you share a folder in your mailbox there is one view for everyone. If you use a public folder, you can set it to use read/unread state of each user. This would require public folders enabled in your organization, which isn't always the case anymore.
Okay, there is another method I have come up with but once again have trouble with. I can flag the email as a follow up item and let it be unflagged once completed. Unfortunately, even when I give the users permissions that allow them to edit the folder, they cannot mark it as completed. Is there something I am missing?
# 1 Click "Mail" in the navigation pane on the left side of the Outlook window.

# 2 Right click "Mailbox - your name" and then select "Sharing."

# 3 Click "Add." Select the name from the list of the person you are giving permission to, then click "Add."

# 4 Select the person from the list and change the permission level to "Reviewer" if you only want to give that person permission to view items in your folders. If you want to give permission to change items in your folders then set the permission level to "Editor." Click "OK."

# 5 Right click the folder which you are giving the person permission to view or edit, then select "Sharing."

# 6 Click "Add." Select the name from the list of the person you are giving permission to, then under Add Users click "Add."

# 7 Select the person's name from the list, then change the Permission Level to reviewer or editor deending on the permissions you want to allow.
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