Outlook 2007 - Shared Accounts and Resources without Exchange Server

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Rob Smith

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Hi All,
I'm not an Outlook expert so I'm hoping someone can help with advising how to achieve some much needed functionality. We have given up on having an Exchange server in our network... it turned out to be much more than we could manage with the resources we have. So...

We are using Outlook 2007 on each desktop - we have 15 PCs all running Win7. Our eMail is IMAP and we used email by accessing the WebMail client of our hosting company.

We are now using Outlook 2007 on the desktops but we'd like to:
1. Setup 2 common Address Books of Contacts ( 1 for Business Contacts, 1 for Customers) that all our users can access and use
2. Send email from one of about 5 shared eMail identities (all of our users have access to several of the same email accounts ie. customerservice@... reservations@... info@... etc.) - these same users all receive copies of any email sent to any one of these accounts at present. ( this is Send As... )
3. Display the shared eMail accounts in the Navigation pane so that each user can access the Inbox, Sent, Drafts folders for these shared accounts.
4. Access to a common calendar

Not sure how difficult or even possible this is but it would be AMAZING if we could achieve this as our needs are not much more sophisticated than these at present.

If you can advise or reply with useful links to how we could achieve this, we would be truly grateful !
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