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  1. S

    Copy Tasks/Reminders from Shared Mailbox to Personal Tasks/Reminders

    I have some VBA set up which monitors a shared mailbox inbox & on inbox_add & adds a reminder 7 days in the future. Unfortunately I've since realized that reminders don't fire when on a shared mailbox, so I was hoping that I could find some further VBA which would monitor the inbox of the...
  2. S

    auto-mapping mailboxes in outlook impacting an ost file?

    Hi all, we are getting some mixed feedback on auto-mapped mailboxes. Some users are complaining that their ost files are growing unexpectedly when they have a mailbox auto-mapped. Does the "download shared folders" check box apply to auto-mapped mailboxes? We would expect it to apply whether the...
  3. D

    Delete Emails from Senders in Shared Mailbox

    Greetings, I'm having a little trouble with some code. I'm trying to delete emails from certain addresses from a shared mailbox. I'm getting a Block Variable not set error. I'm marrying two sets of code to make this work (not work). Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated...
  4. C

    Changed By field not displaying individual user's name in O365 Shared Mailbox

    Hi, We have recently migrated a large team from using on premise mail-enabled Public Folders to using an Office 365 Shared Mailbox for incoming mail from the public. The team relies heavily on the use of the "Changed By" field in Outlook to indicate which member of the team last dealt with an...
  5. Mark White

    VBScript Move sent mail to non-default folder

    Hi, I'm trying to move a sent email from the sent box to an other shared mailbox subfolder. I can't use VBA as macros are disabled and am finding it difficult to change the GetFolderPath() function to work in VBScript. Below is how I call it but I'm having trouble converting the VBA code into...
  6. I

    Application_NewMailEx for shared mailbox

    I am using the Appilcation_NewMailEx event to check for any new email arriving in my outlook. My Outlook is configured with my personal Id and a shared mailbox. When I use Application_NewMailEx event it captures any email coming to my personal ID and do not capture any incoming email for the...
  7. Diane Poremsky

    Shared Mailboxes and the Default 'Send From' Account

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    Rules & Alerts Dialog Won't Open

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  9. R

    Outlook 2007 - Shared Accounts and Resources without Exchange Server

    Hi All, I'm not an Outlook expert so I'm hoping someone can help with advising how to achieve some much needed functionality. We have given up on having an Exchange server in our network... it turned out to be much more than we could manage with the resources we have. So... We are using...
  10. J

    Automatically Move Old Items from a Shared Mailbox to a .PST on a Network Drive

    Hi there, I've been looking through a few of the VBA script posts and they seem to be designed to do what I need, but I haven't been able to make them work just by reading and cut/pasting. Below I have pasted what I came up with after reading through this thread and this other thread. I hit...