calendar print setup in outlook 2010

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why did ms delete the calendar display button from the print calendar section thereby requiring that you type in the dates you want rather than just selecting a date from the calendar popup? Again, MS takes away good things and adds bad things that don't work. Also, the lack of an ability to print envelopes directly from the contact list is barbaric. It is omitted for the programmers convenience. What a crock!

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On the calendar - if you have the calendar configured so the first day is visible before you go into Print, it will start that day. The end date depends on the format - in the case of month view, it doesn't matter unless you want to print more than 1 month/5 weeks. Outlook won't print partial months.

Printing envelopes has always been a sore spot - you can do it from within Word. I have a macro for a new letter to contact that could be tweaked to do envelopes. Printing Labels or Envelopes for Contacts - Slipstick Systems
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