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I have had a very strange problem.

I have entered Username of a User1. [] in To field.
after pressing Ctrl+K, the address changed to and mail was sent.

I have noticed this and sent apology mail to Now I need to find a way
how can I avoid this. I always sent mail to,jp using Username.

Now I need to send report to manager why the error occured.
How can I stop this.

Since I don't know how username of User1 changed to after pressing Ctrl+K, which is not in our domain.

Need inputs to satisfy management team.

Kind regards
It looks like that at some point, the abc address resolved to gol - or the autocomplete cache is corrupt. Was the message sent to the gol address or was it just the display name, with the abc address 'under' it? To be safe, I would probably clear the autocomplete cache - or you could use an NK2 editor and look at the cache to see how that address is in it and edit the clear the cache or clear the bad address.

NK2 editor:
Hi Diane,
Thank you. Mail was went to gol address who is not in my personal address book and I am not sure how it went.
What are the reasons for autocomplete cache to go corrupt?
Once "Use Cached Exchange Mode" is unchecked, cache get cleared?

Is there any way to check how the address of come in autocomplete cache.

My manager is tough, he need proof to show him it is not my mistake. I do understand him
as he is responsible for not to repeat the same mistake not only by me but also from any of my team.

Thank you
There is no way to know how it got into your cache or when. You can delete just that address from the cache by starting to type it then select it using the arrow keys when it comes up, and hit Del on the keyboard. To empty the entire cache and start over with an empty cache, either delete the NK2 file (at %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook ) or go to Tools, Options, Email Options, Advanced Email Options and deselect the option to suggest names near the bottom of the dialog. Click Apply /OK then enable the option again.
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