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I've set my FROM ADDRESS in Outlook.com using one of my Microsoft aliases - and it works.

Unfortunately, it does not come through to Outlook for Android. In Outlook app for Android, I can see all my aliases, but it does not set the selected email address that I set as my FROM ADDRESS as the default address.

Is there a way perhaps to select which alias I want to use as my default address?

Likewise, in Microsoft 365 Outlook the same problem occurs.

I can select the From Address, but the email recipient receives the email which does not reflect my selected from address. In its place it shows my Primary Microsoft account instead.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.
You need to set the desired aalias as the Primary in account.microsoft.com.

When you select the address from the from field in Outlook, its not used as the default address? Is it an outlook.com/Hotmail address?
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