Same email address, same person, names in so many ways

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I wonder whether there is solution of it: the same email address but the name is displayed in 7 ways...
1. first name, last name, no quotes, no email address
2. first name between quotes, no email address, like 'John'
3. first name and last name followed by email address between brackets, like: John Doe (
4. first name and last name between quotes followed by email address, like : 'Jon Doe ('
5. first name and last name no quotes followed by email address, like : Jon Doe (
6. first name, no quotes, nothing else
7. email address

It is a bit complicated to get things in the right order, when sorting on name.

Is there a way to solve this?

This is just when sorting the inbox? You can use a macro to update the display name to match the contact. I have a macro here -
Thanks for the above. Up front: right now, I merely checked 1 email address. This is because I wanted to check whether I had sent a specific attachment to that person on an earlier date. I then noticed the various ways the person was displayed in the "To" column, making it a somewhat difficult to find what I am looking for (also because of the many mails and because I wasn't sure when, could be months ago).
So, in this case it involves sent mail.
(Incoming mail is automatically redirected to a separate folder, using a rule)

It would be nice if Outlook would by default always (meaning, also retroactively) use the details in 'Contacts', as far as they are available of course.
I.e. take the email address and check what name goes with it in Contacts, use that one.
if the address is the same you can search or filter on the address. There is also an option to keep replies in the same folder with the original - this would work if you reply to messages already moved to a folder. The conversation view is useful to find replies too.
Thanks a lot for the tip!
Yes, I need to perform a search on the email address. That works fine.

Also thanks for your tip as "to keep replies in the same folder with the original"
i.e. tag the "When replying to a message that is not in the Inbox, save the reply in the same folder"-option
under File > Options > Mail > Save messages.
Also working fine.
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